Sugarlife out now!

Sugarlife is out now on bandcamp! You can stream it right here, or go there and buy it!

This is literally the freshest, wettest, piping hot track we have ever done… the ink is still a little wet, so don’t smear it! We mixed feverishly through the night in order to bring you this creation. The first in a series of singles to be released on the 3rd of each month!!!


  1. Hi Joey and friends!

    The news of a new 3 album is fantastic. I will feature it in my NEW MUSIC articles on my website ( as soon as it’s announced. The new single is awesome, but when do you think the next complete new album will be released?

    Your last performance in Montreal made it to my top three (;)) shows of the year, and I saw quite a few!

    Thanks and rock on, gentlemen. πŸ˜€

    Robert Dansereau

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