WE HAVE EXCITING NEWS! Join us in creating music history! Here is a special message from Joey: “Music has always been my passion. It is my teacher, my therapist and religion all rolled into one. I know deep down in my bones that this is what I’m meant to be doing. I’m sitting on dozens […]
3 are excited to be part of the lineup for the Coheed and Cambria cruise to the Bahamas, The S.S. Neverender, October 26-30 2020!
Available now is a video of the sensational rock band ‘Three’ in a once in a lifetime performance at the iconic Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY on lead singer Joey Eppard’s birthday… September 1, 2018. Turnt!
There’s a new 3 Fan group on Facebook that has been really active called Alien Angels! Check it out here!
The End Is Begun (live at the Anchor) by 3
Crazy Eyes by 3
Woodchuck Truck by 3
It's Alive (Live) by 3 So back in 1963 as The Beatles went to record “Twist and Shout”, one of their most famous songs…John Lennon had a cold that day, but they recorded all day anyway but saved that song til the end of the session so he could really blow out his voice! That’s […]
One Way Town (Live) by 3 Our new B-side track One Way Town (Live) is up now for streaming/purchase on bandcamp!