New Album "The Ghost You Gave To Me" Coming This Fall


Hey all,

We have finally done it… we made THE album we’ve been working towards for our entire career. Yes, it did take some time, but works of this magnitude often do. “The Ghost You Gave To Me” is our most epic recording yet. It is a perfect blend of our unique brand of musicality, potent melody and lyrical innovation. We have pushed our own envelope beyond formulaic composition and into a realm where songs have a life of their own… Unpredictable twists and turns, striking imagery and passionate precision combine to make each song a journey in and of itself. This record is alive….

We’ll keep you posted as far as the release date, it will be some time this fall. For now, here is the track list….

  1. Sirenum Scopuli
  2. React
  3. Sparrow
  4. High Times
  5. Numbers
  6. One With The Sun
  7. The Ghost You Gave to Me
  8. Pretty
  9. Afterglow
  10. Its Alive
  11. Only Child
  12. The Barrier

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